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Story: 1CONSCIOUS: Chapter 1: Simon

1CONSCIOUS: Chapter 1: Simon By Anthony Neal Nelson
A controversial new technology has been created to bridge your subconscious mind to your personal computer. With that a new company, 1CONSCIOUS, designed an interface called the STAR (Sense, Thought, And Response) module, which is able to send and receive these nerve signals artificially as if it were one of the person's extremities and is capable of reproducing all 5 senses by simply triggering memories. When smelling a flower your brain will recall the memory of smelling a flower for the sensation. The 1CONSCIOUS allows you to not only access your own data and applications on your computer while you are asleep, but also allows you to become anyone, to go anywhere, and do anything you can possibly imagine.
The company’s  slogan 1CONSCIOUS: dreaming has never been so real has captured the social and technological zeitgeist, but does it have a dangerous and lethal bug?
Monday 10/21 2:30 PM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The radio next to Simo…